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PlanetOut: This excellent web site contains links to News & Politics, Money & Careers, Entertainment, Families, Health, Pride, and more. 

Women’s News

The Wall Las Memorias Project: The Wall Las Memorias Project was founded on World AIDS day, December 1, 1993. The dream of Richard Zaldivar was to build an AIDS monument to people who died of AIDS to engage the community to foster a conversation about cultural silence, shame and stigma.

Jewish Women's Archive (JWA): The mission of the Jewish Women's Archive (JWA) is to uncover, chronicle, and transmit to a broad public the rich history of American Jewish women.

The Advocate: The Advocate - the oldest continuously published U.S. Gay periodical still in existence - has chronicled the history and culture of the LGBT community for 40 years.

What I Be Project: The “What I Be Project” is all about honesty. In today’s society, we are told to look or act a certain way. If we differ from these “standards,” we are often judged, ridiculed, and sometimes even killed over them. I started this project in hopes to open up the lines of communication, and to help everyone accept diversity with an open mind & heart. 

A Beautiful Body Project: Through Photographs & personal essays from these courageous mothers all over the country, I hope to offer a powerful healing tool for Mothers everywhere. Since inception, 1000’s of women have volunteered & the project “A Beautiful Body Project” was born. Together we can redefine our culture’s idea of a beautiful woman. I have photographed and humbly listened to hundreds of stories now: Anorexia; childhood bulimia; a woman being told by her mother she was too fat to be a ballerina. Self-hatred; self-inflicted-suffering; Feeling unsexy because she perceived her nipples as imperfect; feeling unsexy because she lost too much weight after breast feeding; Feeling like there was something deeply wrong with her because she had only lost 5 pounds 9 months after the birth of her 2nd child; Sexual abuse; teenage & young adult drug addictions due to self loathing because she never felt beautiful; breast cancer after the birth of a long-awaited pregnancy; loss of a baby at birth with a wrinkly tummy & un-suckled breasts to remind her everyday of what might have been. There are so many stories shadowing mothers in our culture.

LGBTQ 'Canes and Allies: This new website is the main page of interest for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, and queer (LGBTQ) students faculty and staff at the University of Miami. This page serves anyone seeking more information about LGBT-specific resources, such as student organizations, upcoming programs and events, campus news and resources, and the IBIS Ally Network.

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