WGS Testimonial: Heba Zaki Arab

Taking a Women’s and Gender Studies class is not just about women as people assume. It means studying politics, theory, literature, history, sociology, and psychology, with a more open and aware perspective. Women’s issues aren't getting enough attention they deserve from the mainstream media. Women are also underrepresented in politics. And they are still getting paid less than men for the same jobs. Taking a WGS class makes you ask questions like, how and why are women being portrayed in the media and religion? In what ways do gender stereotypes influence politics? Taking a WGS class or majoring in WGS is more than just an academic class or degree, it is a life choice. It's adopting a new perspective that you’ll use in every relationship, every job, and every circumstance. The WGS class that I took helped me professionally and personally in building a more confident voice.

Heba Zaki Arab, sophomore
Environmental Engineering major