WGS Testimonial: Kira Wisniewski

Kira Wisniewski

It wasn’t until my last semester at the University of Miami that I had the space to explore courses outside of my majors. I was delighted to be part of the inaugural Queer Studies class in Spring 2006. Queer Studies with Professor Butterman was hands down my favorite undergraduate course. I was inspired by my classmates, my professor and all the great guest speakers we were fortunate enough to have during that semester. It was an experience I reflect on fondly and often and it is extremely relevant to my professional career. Today I'm happy to serve as the Operations Manager at the National Women’s Studies Association continuing to be immersed in a field that is rich in interesectionality and not limited to the classroom setting. It’s been so wonderful to see the WGS program at the University of Miami grow over the years and I can’t wait to see what great scholarship the program continues to produce.

Kira Wisniewski
Class of 2006
Double-Major: Journalism and Political Science
Minor: Music Business