WGS Testimonial: Laura Vargas

Q: Why did you decide to major in WGS and/or minor in LGBTQ studies?

A: I majored in Pre-Physical Therapy and minored in psychology. Unfortunately by the time LGBTQ Studies was approved as a minor, I was within two semesters of finishing college. I would have loved to have minored in LGBTQ studies because it’s so queer – unique!


Q: What did you gain from the major/minor?

A: I gained a whole new appreciation for what it is to be gay and/or an ally. This class had so much to offer in various topics that compose the LGBTQ community. I gained knowledge on the past, present, and hopeful future of the LGBTQ community.


Q: What do you plan to do after graduation (short term, long range)?

A: I graduated in May 2013 and thus far have used these few months to get my life in order. I am currently completing graduate school applications to further my dream of earning my Doctorate in Physical Therapy. I am also interning at an Orthopedic Surgeons office in hopes of learning the vital partnership between physical therapy and orthopedics. I hope to be successful in my graduate program and then hope to acquire a job where I can learn from the best. My long range goal would be to establish my own rehabilitation clinic where I can truly experience ecstasy doing what I love – helping others.


Q: What do you like most about the classes you've taken in WGS?

A: This question seems difficult to answer considering I loved everything about my WGS class. Professor Butterman was the main instructor of my course and he truly knew how to direct the class. He implemented different professors specialized on different topics that tied in perfectly with exploring LGBTQ studies. He assigned us interesting books that had me up reading late on a school night.


Q: What surprised you the most about your classes in the program?

A: I was most surprised by my classmate diversity. I must be honest and admit that I expected my classmates to take the WGS class as a form of finding potential weekend dates and never fully engaging in the depth of the material. I was proven wrong by the end of the first week. My classmates always had interesting points of views and often more than not, I found myself intrigued by discussions going on within my peers.


Q: What’s the most important thing you learned in your classes in WGS/LGBTQ studies?

A: I would have to say about the LGBTQ community in Native American tribes. Learning about two-spirits and the importance that LGBTQ members played in tribes, was life changing.


Q: How do your studies in the program relate to your goals?

A: My studies in this program helped me become more knowledgeable and educated on LGBTQ studies, which plays a significant role in my life.  One of my goals in life is to fully embrace my homosexuality in all possible aspects. Aspects including the history of homosexuality, the impact it has on other cultures and how the LGBTQ community has evolved since the early times of Native Americans. It is important to be informed on what is important to me because I want to be able to teach my kids one day of where I come from and how I’ve become who I am today.