WGS Testimonial: Leor Avramovich

My freshman year, a composition instructor suggested I explore course offerings in the Women’s and Gender Studies department- I had no idea such field even existed! In my WGS coursework, I discovered Queer and Feminist theories, and became fascinated by the richness critical interdisciplinary studies offer. But aside from the intellectual pleasures I’ve discovered, my most forming experiences in the WGS department have been my interactions with the faculty.  I have found that my WGS professors made room for curious students to explore their interests far beyond the bounds of the classroom. And such, I have been in continued dialectic with a number of faculty members who taught me over my years through the process of writing a thesis and beyond. In passing between classes, in their offices, or over emails, these professors whom I grew to respect and love have offered me lessons that allowed me access to theoretical understanding as well as given me the tools to execute close readings of various cultural productions. Above all, I look to those professors as role models and lifelong mentors, whose guidance will continue to shape me long after my time at the University of Miami.

Leor Avramovich, Senior
Majors in Women’s and Gender Studies & Psychology and a Minor in LGBTQ Studies