Claire Oueslati-Porter

Senior Lecturer
Interim Director of Gender and Sexuality Studies


Claire Oueslati-Porter is an anthropologist (Ph.D. at University of South Florida, 2012). Oueslati-Porter is a core lecturer in the Gender & Sexuality Studies program at University of Miami, where she teaches courses including Introduction to Gender & Sexuality Studies, Gender in the Middle East and North Africa, and Gender and Forced...

Jafari S Allen

Assoc. Professor


Dr. Allen is the author of the critical ethnography of race, gender, sexuality and revolution, ¡Venceremos?: The Erotics of Black Self-Making in Cuba; editor of Black/Queer/Diaspora– a special issue of GLQ: A Journal of Lesbian and Gay Studies; and numerous scholarly and popular articles, book chapters, and blog posts. He is...

Traci A Ardren



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Traci is an anthropological archaeologist interested in New World prehistoric cultures. Her research focuses on issues of identity and other forms of symbolic representation in the archaeological record, especially the ways in which differences are explained through gender. Current preoccupations include the role of cuisine in identity formation...

Darren Patrick Blaney



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Currently a Lecturer at the University of Miami, Darren Patrick Blaney is a scholar and theater artist who previously taught theater history and practice at Pomona College and the University of California. He earned his Ph.D. in Dramatic Art with a graduate minor in Critical Theory at UC Davis, where he was awarded the Eugene Cota-Robles...

Ann W. Brittain

Assoc. Professor


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Dr. Brittain studies intra-American migration and demography, with an emphasis on reproductive decision-making in the Caribbean. Dr. Brittain is Undergraduate Program Director for the department

Steven Fred Butterman

Assoc. Professor


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Louise K. Davidson-Schmich



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Louise K. Davidson-Schmich is Professor of Political Science. Davidson-Schmich came to UM in 2000 after receiving her PhD and MA in political science from Duke University and completing her undergraduate degree in international relations at Brown University. In 2016 she was a New Zealand Fulbright US Scholar at the Victoria University of...

Sumita Chatterjee



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Sumita Dutt Chatterjee (listed as Dutt) specializes in modern India and the English speaking Caribbean, with focus on women’s work, social, sexual and gender identities in the South Asian diaspora. She completed her M. A. and M.Phil in Modern Indian History from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India. She went on to complete her...

Pamela L. Geller

Associate Professor


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Dr. Geller is an associate professor of anthropology at the University of Miami. She is strongly committed to transdisciplinarity; her research interests include bioarchaeology, feminist and queer studies, materiality of identity, bio-politics and the body, and the socio-politics of the past. She has conducted fieldwork in Israel,...

Tassie K Gwilliam

Assoc. Professor


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Author: Samuel Richardson’s Fictions of Gender (Stanford 1993); articles in Novel, Journal of the History of Sexuality, ELH, Representations, and Body and Text in the Eighteenth Century. Dr. Gwilliam’s teaching focuses on the encounters between popular culture and...

Ralph Heyndels



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-Dissertation: Littérature, Idéologie et Signification. I. Théorie II. Aragon, La Mise àmort; Butor, Degrés; Curtis, Un Saint au néon; Duras, Le Ravissement de Lol V. Stein; Gracq, Un Balcon en forêt (800 pp.) -Annexed thesis: Examen critique de Lucien Goldmann, Le Dieu...

Nebil Husayn

Asst. Professor


Nebil Ahmed Husayn is a specialist in the field of Islamic studies. His research broadly encompasses the development of Islamic theology and historiography. Professor Husayn has also explored questions related to authoritarianism in the Middle East, the caliphate, and the development of early Islamic law. He is also interested in the role of...

Robert J Johnson



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Sybil Lipschultz

Assoc. Professor


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Professor Lipschultz specializes in Women's history, United States constitutional and legal history, and labor history. She edited a three volume set of primary and secondary materials, Women, the Law, and the Workplace, in 2002 and is now working on a scholarly monograph, Gender Politics: Creating Women's Labor...

Marina Magloire

Asst. Professor


Marina Magloire is a black feminist scholar of African American and diasporic literature. Her current book project explores the influence of Afro-Caribbean spirituality on black American women writers and performers in the twentieth century. She is also working on a second book project on Afrosurrealism. 

Brenna M Munro

Assoc. Professor


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Brenna Munro specializes in queer and postcolonial studies, Anglophone African literature, and queer global writing and cinema. Her first book, South Africa and the Dream of Love to Come: Queer Sexuality and the Struggle for Freedom, published by the University of Minnesota Press in 2013, was a Lambda Literary Award finalist in LGBT...

Martin A Nesvig

Assoc. Professor
Mexico and Mesoamerica Co-Faculty Lead - UMIA


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Born and raised in San Diego, California, Martin Nesvig consumes a steady diet of Mexican exceptionalism.  His research and reading interests derive from his training in early modern Hispanic society and Viceregal Mexico.  Topically he is a religious historian and a historian of the cultural history of politics, especially in...

Elizabeth Oldman

Senior Lecturer


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Elizabeth Oldman is a graduate of Barnard College (B.A., English), Yale University (M.A., English), and New York University (Ph.D., English), and has studied at Leiden University and The Hague. Her research interests include Renaissance literature, the history of law and political thought, the literature and philosophy of war, gender studies,...

Gema Pilar Perez Sanchez

Assoc. Professor


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Shouraseni Sen Roy



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Professor Sen Roy's research and teaching interests center on Climatology, spatial analysis, and crime patterns. Her work focuses on spatio-temporal patterns of climate processes across various regions, including the Indian subcontinent, South Africa, China, and USA, using advanced geo-statistical techniques to analyze trends in climatic...

Hugh M Thomas



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Professor Thomas received his B.A. from Yale University in 1982 and stayed on there for his Ph.D., which he received in 1988. He specializes in the history of Medieval Europe and of England. His first book, Vassals, Crusaders, Heiresses, and Thugs: The Gentry of Angevin Yorkshire, was published by the University of Pennsylvania Press in...