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The University of Miami mascot, Sebastian the Ibis. The University of Miami mascot, Sebastian the Ibis.
Many students at the University of Miami will take a Gender and Sexualities course in order to broaden their perspective of the world. Our courses can provide useful skills and useful ways of thinking that would benefit any major.

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  • Emily Ahearn

    Major: Biochemistry + Nutrition

    The classes and passionate professors within the GSS program have changed the way I view the world and have empowered me to help others. An interest in gender disparities led me to take GSS classes, yet I never could have anticipated learning as much as I have. Readings and discussions in class have not only boradened my perspective and dispelled myths regarding gender and sexuality, but have also allowed me to feel so comfortable with - yet challenged by - likeminded students and faculty. This curriculum is central to any career, and I feel as though my minor in LGBTQ Studies has prepared me to be more thoughtful (future) physician who is able to treat each patient equitably. I'd recommend for every UM student to take Introduction to GSS Studies at the very least!

  • Leor Avramovich

    Major: Women's and Gender Studies + Psychology

    My freshman year, a composition instructor suggested I explore course offerings in the Women’s and Gender Studies department- I had no idea such field even existed! In my WGS coursework, I discovered Queer and Feminist theories, and became fascinated by the richness critical interdisciplinary studies offer. But aside from the intellectual pleasures I’ve discovered, my most forming experiences in the WGS department have been my interactions with the faculty.  I have found that my WGS professors made room for curious students to explore their interests far beyond the bounds of the classroom. And such, I have been in continued dialectic with a number of faculty members who taught me over my years through the process of writing a thesis and beyond. In passing between classes, in their offices, or over emails, these professors whom I grew to respect and love have offered me lessons that allowed me access to theoretical understanding as well as given me the tools to execute close readings of various cultural productions. Above all, I look to those professors as role models and lifelong mentors, whose guidance will continue to shape me long after my time at the University of Miami.

  • J'Wana Dion

    Minor: Women and Gender Studies

    The WGS program at the University of Miami has been so enriching, and it has taught me invaluable information about myself and the world around me. This program has showed me the power in having a voice and using your voice to open minds and doors for people like me, not like me and even myself. Making Women and Gender Studies my minor was the best decision I made at the university.

  • Emma Lam

    Minor: LGBTQ+ Studies

    I chose to pursue a minor in LGBTQ+ Studies within the Gender and Sexuality Studies (GSS) program. The program allows me the flexibility to take the classes which really interested me, and many are combined courses which look at different fields of study from a GSS lens. I had the opportunity to meet students from all over campus, and the professors are incredible and understanding, creating a safe and enriching environment for every student. I've grown to be more sensitive to the huge extent that gender and sexuality plays in our lives in ways that I'd never really thought of. Gender and sexuality transcends all aspects of the human experience. Being more sensetive to it has made my experience at the University of Miami more enriching and holistic, and is something I'll be mindful of throughout the rest of my life.

  • Lizzy Lunday

    Major: Fine Arts

    Minor: Women and Gender Studies

    My major at the University of Miami was Fine Arts. During my very first semester there, I took an Introduction to Women and Gender Studies (WGS) class as an elective. This was a crucial turning point in both my education and my develpment as an artist. I was so struck, that I added Women and Gender Studies (WGS) as my second minor, which allowed me to take advantage of the breadth of class subjects and a variety of truly excellent professors. These professors taught me to look at images differently: to question them, dissect them, to work to understand their impact on both myself individually as well as in our broader culture. As a visual artist, this new way of thinking and looking at images, particularly of representations of people, is essential to my artistic practice to this day. The classes I took at UM prepared me for the thesis work I would later do to receive my Master of Fine Arts (MFA), for which I pulled reference material from various sources of media to touch on themes of gender, identity, power, and itimacy.

  • Adam Tomashek

    Major: Biochemistry and Visual Journalism

    WGS Testimonial - Adam Tomashek from College of Arts & Sciences / UM on Vimeo.

  • Kira Wisniewski

    Major: Journalism + Political Science

    It wasn’t until my last semester at the University of Miami that I had the space to explore courses outside of my majors. I was delighted to be part of the inaugural Queer Studies class in Spring 2006. Queer Studies with Professor Butterman was hands down my favorite undergraduate course. I was inspired by my classmates, my professor and all the great guest speakers we were fortunate enough to have during that semester. It was an experience I reflect on fondly and often and it is extremely relevant to my professional career. Today I'm happy to serve as the Operations Manager at the National Women’s Studies Association continuing to be immersed in a field that is rich in interesectionality and not limited to the classroom setting. It’s been so wonderful to see the WGS program at the University of Miami grow over the years and I can’t wait to see what great scholarship the program continues to produce.

  • Heba Zaki Arab

    Major: Environmental Engineering

    Taking a Women’s and Gender Studies class is not just about women as people assume. It means studying politics, theory, literature, history, sociology, and psychology, with a more open and aware perspective. Women’s issues aren't getting enough attention they deserve from the mainstream media. Women are also underrepresented in politics. And they are still getting paid less than men for the same jobs. Taking a WGS class makes you ask questions like, how and why are women being portrayed in the media and religion? In what ways do gender stereotypes influence politics? Taking a WGS class or majoring in WGS is more than just an academic class or degree, it is a life choice. It's adopting a new perspective that you’ll use in every relationship, every job, and every circumstance. The WGS class that I took helped me professionally and personally in building a more confident voice.